The college I want to go to is Baylor University.

I want to go to Baylor to learn about medicine

I want to get a football scholarship from them. I always wanted to play football for them since I was little.

I want to go to a college that's not to far away.

Baylor college can get you a good job.

Baylor college costs a lot of money to get into.

Cost of Attendance $54,709 Tuition and Fees$38,120  Room and Board $11,309 Books and Supplies $1,250 Other Expenses $4,030 Payment PlansCredit card, installment plan

but this college can get you a good paying job.

Baylor College of Medicine, founded in 1900, offers professional medical education for a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. Additionally, the medical school offers MD/PhD, MD/MPH, MD/JD, and MD/MBA dual degree programs.

There are 743 students currently enrolled at Baylor College of Medicine, which is roughly 33% more than the average for all Medical Schools. 186 new students matriculated in the most recent first-year medical school class.

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