Injuries in Boxing

By James Godber

The main risk factors associated with Boxing.

Boxers can sometimes over-train and cause injury while doing so, and many more injuries can be caused while participating in the sport. Head injuries are a common type of injury in Boxing, both long and short-term. Many competitors have been asphyxiated while participating - however this is one of the main ways to win in the sport.

Risk Factors in Boxing.

Biological - Over training in boxing  is an easy way to cause injury to the muscles. Over training usually occurs when big matches or title matches are upcoming and the competitor needs to be at their very best to ensure their chances of success and secure a win.

Physical - Equipment can sometimes be misused and reports in older boxing games include things like weights and substances being used in or on the surface of the gloves to give an unfair advantage to the user. The padding in the front of the gloves has also been known to have been pulled back so that fighters land more of a punch with their bare knuckles. Crowd proximity is also a risk factor as during boxing matches, the crowd is quite close to the ring and it is a possibility that they could throw objects into the ring and at the fighters.

Psychological - Some boxers can be extremely competitive and aggressive and into their sport, and could be raring to fight. They could continue to punch even while competitors are down which is a way to cause extensive head injury/body injury. Also the stress of losing an important match or title match can be devastating, leaving a fighter in an unfit psychological state and lowering their feeling of self-worth.

Sociocultural - The competitor's coach could be slacking and not training the fighter to the best of their ability which could cause the fighter to lose a match/matches. Rules of the sport could also be ignored, which is a common cause for injury.

4 Main Injuries in Boxing.

1. Hand and Wrist Arthritis.

Although Arthritis is something that is caused by age, everyday wear and tear of the hands, fingers and wrists can cause osteoarthritis. The chances of osteoarthritis increase with the regularity of weight-baring and excessive and experienced overuse of the wrists and fingers, and the same goes for any other bone in your body.

2. Dislocated Shoulder

Dislocated shoulders are caused by the ball being pulled or forced free from it's socket in the joint, where it sits to allow full rotation. The pain of a dislocated shoulder is excruciating, however the ball can easily be replaced back into the socket to fix the dislocation.

3. Confusion

Confusion can be caused by head shots, and blunt force impacts to the head. Confusion can last for short periods of time, but it can also be long-term which stretches into brain damage and memory loss. Confusion is common in boxing which usually leads to a knock-out and a loss.


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