Ancient Egypt

This is Ancient Egypt, as you can see in the the pyramid the pharaohs come 1st, then the priest and nobles, 3rd the traders and the artisans,4th the farmers, finally the unskilled workers.

The Nile River

The Nile River is in Egypt and it goes of to the Mediterranean Sea.As you can see the top part with the opening is called the Lower Egypt and the bottom part is called the Upper Egypt.


Mummification was a really important thing in Ancient Egypt.However the process lasted for about 70 days.


One of the reasons Ancient Egyptians built pyramids was to keep the pharaoh's tombs safe and sound.In other word so their mummy's can be safe.

Daily Life

Ancient Egypt parents taut their children to be kind and honest kids and they would learn to also respect their parents.

Ancient Egypt Religion

The Egyptians worshiped many gods and the gods weren't the same as other god because most of them had animal heads.EX. bird heads

Ancient Egypt Georaphy

Ancient Egypt has a lower Egypt and a upper Egypt with the Nile River and the Red Sea.

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