"Minor Setbacks Lead to Major Comebacks"

I value traveling.

I value traveling because i'm able to visit other places and see how the society is, and it                                            makes me more grateful for my life.

I value money$$

In order to survive you need money and it allows me to do the thing I love most which is                                                                     shopping.

I value having a best friend to confide in

                         Having someone to talk to and not be judged is a great thing.

I value education

No matter what women will always be better than men and kids will change the future.

I value my phone.

       I don't know what i'd do without my phone i'm addicted to taking selfies, going         on snapchat, twitter, and instagram. Its as if i have the whole world in my pocket. You                          know your obsessed when you have over 1,000 pictures.

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