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Costa Concordia Disaster

The Costa Concordia has been on its side underwater for over 20 months of the Italian island of Giglio. The bottom of the ocean is now littered with deck chairs.
The CNN website said "The beds are spread out in a surreal scene that looks like a set from an underwater science fiction film. Shoes, mattresses, dinner plates, and thousands of pieces of cutlery shimmer in the divers' lights on a bed of sea grass."
In the weeks and months following the accident, the divers that worked inside of the ship called it a "toxic stew" of rotting food, spilled oil, and floating silverware. Every single one of the 5 giant restaurants on the ship were in operation when the ship made impact, sending hundreds of tables of buffet food into the water.
The ship was raised Monday, September 16, 2013. It took over 19 hours to right the 114,000-ton cruise liner. There are platforms for the ship to rest on 98 feet below sea level.
Two people's remains have still not been found. Russel Rebello of India and Maria Grazia Trecarichi of Sicily have not been recovered. Rebello, 33, was a waiter on the Costa Concordia, and was last seen helping people off of the cruise liner. Trecarichi was on board with her 17-year-old daughter celebrating her 50th birthday, and was never seen again.

Baby Dies on Baggage Carousel

On Thursday in Alicante, Spain, a 5 month old baby died on a baggage carousel. "The baby was on the baggage carousel, but could not have gotten there alone. Someone had to put the baby there." an airport spokeswoman said.

The father was waiting at the Alicante airport for his wife and 2 children. The baggage carousel is in a safe area of the airport, cut off from everyone but the passengers on the flights, so the father would not have had access to the baggage claim.

A security officer was told "The mother apparently put the baby down on the conveyor belt when she went to reach for something. He was crushed by the conveyor belt and it killed him.

Silverado Middle School Fall Fundraiser

Silverado's Fall Fundraiser started on Wednesday, September 4. Silverado students will sell magazines, jewelry, cookie dough, holiday items, and many other things through this fundraiser. Students can sell things online, or just by walking around their neighborhoods.

Important dates to remember for this fundraiser are September 4, when it starts, September 6, when the Reach Out booklets are due back, and September 10 is the first duck coupons day. September 12 and 17 are other days for the duck coupons. September 19, bring orders to K-Hall for collecting. On September 20, the sale ends.

You must make sure that all of the checks are made payable to Silverado Middle School. All of the money raised from this fundraiser goes toward new school technology and sports equipment, along with school supplies and field trips.

78-Year-Old Man Found Safe Walking Along Mendocino Highway

Dale Fender, 78, of Napa, drove away from his home at about 6 a.m. Sunday in a 2003 silver Toyota 4 Runner. Fender, who has dementia, was found safe on a Mendocino highway, over 95 miles from Napa.

"The firefighter stopped after the man caught his attention. The man's vehicle, which was in the vicinity, was out of gas and its battery was dead." Anderson Valley Fire Chief Colin Wilson said. Fender was disoriented when found, was reunited with his family in Healdsberg late Monday night.

Napa's Weather

Thursday, September 26th: Clear, 82 degrees during the day, 50 degrees at night

Friday, September 27th: Clear, 81 degrees during the day, 50 degrees at night

Saturday, September 28th: Clear, 81 degrees during the day, 54 degrees at night

Sunday, September 29th: Partly cloudy, 75 degrees during the day, 55 degrees at night

Monday, September 30th: Chance of rain, 77 degrees during the day, 50 degrees at night (YES! LOVE RAIN!!!!!)

Tuesday, October 1st: Partly cloudy, 81 degrees during the day, 48 degrees at night

Wednesday, October 2nd: Partly cloudy, 77 degrees during the day, 50 degrees at night

Thursday, October 3rd: Partly cloudy, 79 degrees during the day, 54 degrees at night

Friday, October 4th: Clear, 81 degrees during the day, 52 degrees at night

Saturday, October 5th: Clear, 79 degrees during the day, 48 degrees at night

The House of Hades: Fans Everywhere Are So Excited!

For anyone who has read the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, they are on the edge of their seats waiting for the House of Hades, which is coming out on October 8th. My opinion of the House of Hades is that it will be better than all 3 of the other Heroes of Olympus books combined!

The Lost Hero was great, but Annabeth was only in it for a few chapters. And where was the world famous demigod hero, PERCY JACKSON? I mean, Leo took over for Percy with the role of comedian/prankster, and Jason for leader, but seriously? I don't think that anyone got enough of their Percy Jackson fix!

The Son of Neptune, the second book in the Heroes of Olympus series, was amazing as well, but no Annabeth whatsoever? And what about Jason, Piper, and Leo? I mean, come on, Rick, you got us hooked on your new characters, and then there is almost no mention of them in the second book? BUT, he made up for it with bringing Percy back, and Hazel and Frank are awesome! And Nico knowing about both camps? I did not see that coming!

And finally, we get to the Mark on Athena! Let me just say, AWESOME!!!!!!! Bringing both groups together and then having them fight? Classic Rick Riordan! Plus, we've got the Argo II, Leo's giant flying warship! So COOL! And Festus is back, too! I love that huge metal dragon! But the best part was the reunion with Annabeth and Percy! So awesome!

For the first chapter of the House of Hades, go to Rick Riordan's website at

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