Domains and Kingdoms

   Let's take a look at the   Domains:

Archaea is a kingdom of single-celled microorganisms, reproduce asexually, is unicellular, and is autotroph or heterotroph  These microbes are prokaryotes which means they don't have a nucleus or any membrane-bound organelles in their cells. They are  found  in extreme environments such as hydrothermal vents and hot springs .

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Domain Bacteria:

They reproduce asexually. They are mostly heterotrophic( meaning they rely on other organisms to live)(whisper:they eat other organisms to live)but there are autotrophs to  (they don't rely on other organisms to live)Bacteria can be good or bad.The good ones can be very good,they can help make you feel better for where the bad ones can be deadly,DEATH BY SOMETHING YOU CANT SEE!Creepy huh.You cant get rid of bacteria easily, no amount of hand sanatizer can COMPLETELY  get rid of bacteria. Not forever anyway.

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Domain Eukarya:  

Eukarya is a both multi and unicellular organism   Most commonly  reproduces both asexually and sexually . This eukaryoyic organism  is both autotrophic it feeds its self (self feeding ) and heterotrophic feeds on other organisms ( different feeding ).

How about the Kingdoms:

Kingdom Archaebacteria belongs to the domain Archaea and is the only kingdom in it. It is unicellular, reproduces asexually, and are heterotrophs and autotrophs. These cells can live in extreme environments.  They can also be living in salty lakes and toxic climates.

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Can't you believe that this was Yellowstone National park after they discovered that there was Archaebacteria here?

Kingdom: Bacteria

The other stuff moms hate. Kingdom Bacteria is also unicellular (you can only see this through a microscope,its that small!) They reproduce asexually. They are heterotrophs, they eat other organisms to live.(I wonder how small there mouths are)

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Protista are mostly unicellular ( one cell ). Protista is a eukaryotic organism ( has a nucleus ) . Protista primarily reproduces asexually . It feeds both heterotrophic and autotrophic which means it feeds its self and feeds on other things like plants and animals.

Fungi is eukaryotic and all of these: unicellular, multicellular, heterotrophic, or syncytial spore-producing organisms feeding on organic matter, including molds, yeast, mushrooms, and toadstools. The reproduction can be asexual or sexual and are heterotrophic.

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Kingdom: Plantae(plants)

These organisms have a very complex organasation. All those plants in your garden may seem pretty simple , grreen leaves, needs sun and water simple stuff huh. Well nope. for starters they're autotrophs, whats that you may ask?Auto means "to do by itself" trophic means "food" I think. So to make its own food. Im sure you've all learned about photosynthasis in like 3rd grade so I wont waste your time. They also reproduce sexually or asexually. They are multicellular as in "many cells". So if a few cell die the whole organism doesn't die to, wheras a single celled organism would die. Thats alot to remember.

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Animalia is a eukaryotic organism That is ONLY multicellular (has more than one cell ) . This organism is ONLY heterotrophic ( feeds on other organisms like both plants and animals if your not a vegetarian. )  This organism reproduces sexually .

Take a look at this cool video explaining Domains and Kingdoms ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^  ,(as a review)its even got credits, yaayy!!

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So now you know there is much more to the world than meets the eye. More to learn , more to see , and more to discover. So look in depth and learn a little something new. Who knows! You might even discover something out of this world.(;  0:

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