Last weekend at star power newbie haily Steven,7 went up in the Jazz division where she flipped across the stage. She shocked the whole audience with winning her age division at her first competition.

In the world of dance!

A few days ago in the world of dance, the amazing and eleven year old Sophia Lucia breaks the world record of perfects with a outstanding 55! She first started out with forty seven but twirled her way up to breaking the record. Hope you like classical ballas because it is time for the nutcracker. Yep the yearly show is making its bold performance here in waco. The show has the performers of the perfection all Austin balla and even has some local girls.last weekend over the break Chloe lukasiak from hit tv show dance moms went up against her old team. After leaving the tough love teacher Abby Lee, Chloe moved to one of there rival teams where she got better training with not as harsh feedback. Her team did a group dance that didn't beat the Alec, but Chloe had a lyrical solo up against Abby's star, maddie ziegler. It was a close game but overall Chloe scored higher with one point.

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