Skills and characteristics you need to work in the IT industry.

What working procedures would you follow in an IT job?

The IT systems policies are made so that we can achieve the best value possible and to reduce the risk of losing anything.

We can stop this by the following strategies:

Use of open source systems to reduce costs and risk the dependencies on single points of supply.

use of the cloud and out-source of data hosting to reduce the risk associated with physical threats to buildings and we then benefit from the economies of using the web.

theirs lots of  procedures we can follow for instance:

Timed automatic log out so that the system will auto log out if in active for longer than a set period and the person inst there.

Permissions that limit most users to editing a single account will will stop hacking and  fake accounts.

Facilities for data recovery should an account be compromised which will help you if your account gets hacked or lost.

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