Factual Media Product

By Lucy Baldock


The tone of the articles are very factual.  The writing is detailed and full of facts with no sarcastic comments or much emotion to come across as a more important topic for example; 'Review of TV licence enforcement' this is used as a heading with a factual tone to show it's a serious topic.


The style of the BBC News is done in a simple way to make it easier for readers. They use an image next to a heading and brief text to explain each topic to look at. The writing fonts, size and colours are also very basic, headings are written in Bold and blue and the text in black.  This isn't the most colourful way to present it but they want to be taken seriously by older audiences using basic styles and colours is less distracting.


The Language used is Formal because they are reporting on true events that are happening so it would need to be taken seriously which it wouldn't if it was written informally.


There is a lot of imagery used to put a picture with each topic to help make it look more interesting and to show the audience an image of what the topics will be discussing.  Some of the images are only small but it is better to use small images than not have any otherwise it wouldn't be as interesting to their audience.

Layout and Presentation

The Layout of the Page is very simple as it is set out in columns with headings for different topics to make it easier for the audience to read the sections they are interested in.  This also shows how diverse they are in collecting information of several different topics.  At the top of the page is a strip with the BBC title  to show who they are and underneath a row of the different subjects so people can skip to a certain subject of news. In general the presentation is good for simplicity as it is easy to find the information you want to know and very informative about different events which is the aim but they could use more colour to make it look more attractive, this would grab more attention if they used more colour.


BBC News has a lot of content that they cover from Entertainment and Arts, Technology, Sci/Environment, Education, Health, Politics, Business, Sport, Weather, TV, Iplayer, and Radio.  Covering lots of different topics widens the audience as there is something for everyone to look at.  They also have certain news on different areas like Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, The UK in general, and the world. This helps the news be more specific to what the public want to look into.   The content is regularly updated because they report the news so they need to to cover all the popular topics in the present day, then be quick to get articles out because they want the public to read the news from them first.


I conclude that the online BBC News is an effective piece of factual media because the content they include is very wide and works with the style and layout they use.  Including several article topics creates a wider audience range giving something factual for everyone to look at.

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