Spinny Square Press Kit

A simple yet challenging iOS game by Matt Wei.

Search for Spinny Square in the App Store, or use URL http://spinnysquare.com!

What is Spinny Square?

Spinny Square is a simple yet challenging iPhone game that tests your reflexes. Spin the square to catch the falling block of the same color!

What makes it so special?

Spinny Square is a very simple game to learn, but at the same time, is very challenging. There are only two moves in the game, tapping on the left or right side of the screen to turn the square left or right. The colored blocks fall at a constant, relatively slow pace, except for every 5th block. Every 5th block is faster than the regular blocks, and the next 5th block is faster than the previous 5th. This keeps players on edge as they use the normal speed blocks to prepare their reflexes for a fast move.

Who made Spinny Square?

Matt Wei, a 16 year old high school student from New Jersey. Matt has been working on computer science related projects since 6th grade, and took a computer science class his junior year. He started working on Spinny Square as a small project in class, but eventually spent countless hours learning extra material during his winter and spring break to finish the game.  

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