Students created these poems by blending together book titles from the library!

RRHS Book Spine Poetry Contest April 2015

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Deadly sisters

Saving the world

Faking faith and running with

The demon.


The Wicked Killer Code named Verity Anna,

Dressed in blood,

Buried alive Billy in the solitary shack of hollow city



During first light

Under a different sky

With secret lies


Beware the wild,

Murder in the red room,

Rotten hidden girl sabotaged the boy who dared,

Left for dead in the wild

The lightning thief ignites me.

5. “This Dark Endeavor”

In all the trouble,

The walls came tumbling down

Leaving holes filled with lovely bones,

Of voices of desperation and loss,

In the deeper breaking dawn


A shiver in the Shadow,

Ghost train ahead

Nothing but darkness…

When you reach me at the deep end of the ocean,

Ice lingers into thin air.

Ruined, dark souls hear the voices of silence

My midwinter blood

Was gone with the wind….


A boy at war trapped between shades of gray,

The opposite of invisible,

Lies in fear, hunger, and plague.

Here there be dragons, warrior taken at dusk.

The Demon King, the Exiled Queen, walk the dark streets; she is not invisible.

Hush, hush, for the good of mankind.


In the middle of nowhere




A thirst for a double identity.

The voices out of control:

Please stop laughing at me!

I am Regina,

The Lost Queen.


Dear John,

Lucy the Giant was turning the corner,

Walking naked where the sidewalk ends,

Nothing special to witness

Except the miracle on 49th street.


I have a bad feeling about this,

Taking flight into the storm.

Shark life and red madness bellow.

Going to the City of Lost Souls on the Dead Mountain.

Trackers, the Bull Catcher.


Closed for the season,

Unearthly snowfall

And boundless lies.


Fever, silenced, in lockdown:

Trash burned, crushed.

A toxic bad memory, unwholly, endangered.

The future of the mind.


Dancing in the streets of Brooklyn

Left me breathless.

If only it were true:

As the love of the last song,

The indwelling of it coming true

Would be like a safe haven.


The maze runner dressed in blood

Taking it stiff,

Reality check:

Shelter, light, skin hunger, light.

The ear, the eye, and the arm.



Capable of honor

The miracle of Dunkirk


Bad memory,

Last shot:

Crazy odd girl out.


The middle of somewhere on the day I died,

A light in Babylon reached the red badge of courage,

Crossed the riddle,

And striked the Brooklyn Bridge.

Just trust me,

Girls don’t fly.


The great wide sea

Way down deep


The land of silver apples

The end.


The jungle brothers from the black hills,

Reckless, out of the dust,

Fell down in the space between trees on Gold Mountain

In my hands


For keeps,

The wedding:

The last best kiss.


The silver child, lost in tunnels of blood

Slawter and trials of death:

A living nightmare.

When you are finished reading the poems, don’t forget to cast your vote for the best poem: