Piedmont Region .

By ; Avery Lane and Brooke James

    The Georgia Piedmont lies between the Blue Ridge Mountains and th Upper Coastal , boundary of the Piedmont on the southeastern side is the Fall Line .The Piedmont is home to most of Georgia's population. This is a mountain of foothills mostly .  Most of Georgia's cities are in the Piedmont, the area is highly industrialized with industries as carpet ,  aircraft , automobile manufacturing,and Poultry  .

walking dead

     The Walking Dead is filmed in Senoia and Atlanta , Georgia. The film is a American horror drama , based on a comic book . The television series is developed by Frank Darabont . Viewership of 16.1 million for its season 4 premiere , making it the most watched drama series in TV history . people like to come to Georgia's i to visit the charecters and see the rad zombies .

Piedmonts Physical Features

Stone mountain is in the piedmont region 10 miles from Atlanta in Deklab county . Stone mountain is known as a tourist attraction and by being known from nearby people who live there . The Piedmont has low hills and narrow valleys .  Piedmont does not have many we'll known physical features .

climate and weather

The climate of Georgia is typical of a humid subtropical climate with most of the state having mild winters and hot summers .

    The Unniversity Of Georgia , Georgia Tech , falcons , and Braves  are the teams that people come to our stadiums to visit and go to games . Our stadiums are turner field , Georgia stadium , Georgia done , and more but those are the main ones .

Six flags is a family fun amusement park you can go and have fun . it is one of the few six flags in the world .

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Great job. Remember the Rivers that go through the Piedmont.