Bay Area Careers with a Conscience


We are a group dedicated to supporting and advocating for each other in the search for meaningful employment. This Tackk will list all of our favorite organizations and resources. For discussion and help (and to add to our links!), please check out our Facebook group: /wehaveyourbacc

Noteworthy Organizations

Not all of these organizations have job openings, but they are listed here because they resonate with people in our group. If possible or applicable, please consider contacting these organizations to help/speak at your schools as well!

(Last Updated: 12/23/14)

Youth Speaks (SF/East Bay/General Bay Area)

Infuse Program Foundation
(Silicon Valley)

Girls for a Change (Silicon Valley/National)

Health/Access to Food
The Health Trust - (Silicon Valley)

Prison Pipeline
The Reset Foundation (San Francisco)

STEM Education
Hack the Hood (Oakland)
Level Playing Field Institute (Oakland/Programs all over CA)
Qeyno Labs (Oakland/National events)