Texting Can Be Dangerous

Always be aware of the dangers texting while driving

You may all think that even if you are texting while driving or driving under the influence of alcohol, that an accident would never happen to you because you are better than the ones who got an accident. But that is not true. An accident can hapen to anyone, just because maybe you didnt get in an accident this time doesnt mean you won├Ęt next time you do it.

Here are some statistics about texting while driving:

-It causes around 1600000 accidents per year and around 330000 injuries per year.

-On average it causes the death of 11 teens EVERY DAY

-And around 25% of all the car accidents are caused by texting while driving.

-You have six times more chances of getting an accident than by driving under the influence of alcohol.

information and statisctics from: http://www.textinganddrivingsafety.com/texting-and-driving-stats/

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