Sharon Creech

Children's Author who won both the American Newbery Medal and the British Carnegie Medal

Sharon was born July 29, 1945. She grew up with a crazy family, my parents (Ann and Arvel), her sister (Sandy), and her three brothers (Dennis, Doug, and Tom).

When Sharon was young, she wanted to be many things when she grew up: a painter, an ice skater, a singer, a teacher, and a reporter. She had problems doing all of those so in college, she went to literature and writing courses. She became a high school English and and writing teacher in England and Switzerland. When she taught, she learned so much more about writing and literature. She always said that family was first, and writing was second.

Books She Has Wrote

~Love that Dog

~Hate that Cat

~The Great Unexpected

~Ruby Holler

~The Boy on the Porch

~Walk Two Moons

~Absolutely Normal Chaos

~ Heartbeat

~The unfinished Angel

~The wanderer


~Way more!


She was the first American winner of the Carnegie Medal for British children's books and the first person to win both the American Newbery Medal and the British Carnegie.

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