Jasper National Park
By: Calvin Vanderzwan

Jasper National Park is a national park in the western part of Alberta. It is located north of Banff National Park and west of the City of Edmonton. It is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, spanning over ten thousand kilometers. The park is named after Jasper Hawes, who owned a trading post in the 1800s in the area. It was officially a park in 1907 and became a national park in 1930 after the National Park Act was established. Jasper National Park is a worldwide attraction and recently in 2012 had a total of almost two million visitors alone that year. Some of the major attractions within the park are Mount Edith , Pyramid Lake along with Pyramid Mountain and Medicine Lake. Another one of the major attractions is a highway that runs through the park. Icefields Parkway is a two hundred and thirty kilometer highway that connects this national park with Banff National Park.  This highway provides a path through the many mountains. There are a numerous amount of activities that are done in the park. Some of many are hiking, camping, fishing, rafting and kayaking.

Interesting Facts

- Did you know, that this national park has the highest mountain in Alberta, Mount Columbia is a total of 3,747 meters in elevation.

-Jasper National Park is one of four national parks that make up the Rocky Mountain World Heritage Site.

- After World War 1, Mount Edith Cavell, a mountain inside of the park, was named in honour of  nurse that was executed that helped prisoners escape from Belgium.


This national park has a very wide variety of wildlife. Jasper is home to around fifty-three mammals. Some of the many within the park are grizzly bears, mountain caribou, moose, wolves and elk. Those are just some of the larger animals. Some of the small animals can be known as squirrels, birds, ducks and bald eagles. Unfortunately, some animals do not survive in the area because of the highways near their habitat. Many people "drive too fast" and there are accidents. Alone, last year over two hundred animals were killed along the major highways that go through the area, such as the Icefields Parkway.


The Location of Jasper National Park is near Jasper, Alberta. Jasper is three hundred and sixty-five kilometers away from Edmonton. This national park's border runs along the Alberta-British Columbia border. Although near British Columbia, Jasper National Park is located entirely in the Canadian province of Alberta. Below is a map of where the park is located in Canada, Alberta and even a close up of where it is.


Jasper National Park is full of mountains and rough terrain. It also is home to many trees and lakes. Some of Jasper's most famous mountains are the Canadian Rockies mountain chain, Pyramid Mountain and Mount Edith Cavell. Jasper also has many rivers. Two of the most known rivers are the Athabasca and the Smoky Rivers.


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