K-12 Mobile Learning Tools

Hilary Niederhaus


What is this? Instapaper is a great tool that can be used anywhere and for all ages. For all those times you read something and exit out of it, or are researching for a paper and you cannot quite remember the article. Instapaper is an app where it allows you to store and save the webpages, articles, books on kindle. It connects with other apps and allows for an organized option to study, research, and manage your time in a more efficient way.

How can it be used? Instapaper can be used anywhere at anytime. When teachers assign readings, research project or a paper and you are busy doing an assignment and don't have time, but won't remember the website or article; this app allows you to save it and come back to it later. This app is easy and accessible all you have to do is bookmark the link and revisit the site at anytime. Also once it is saved it allows for a more convenient way to access what you had saved from say the beginning of the year to study for a final exam instead of trying to find it all over again! It can be used on all forms of technology. (Phone, computer, tablet)

Dragon Dictation

What is this? Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition application it allows you record what others (or yourself) are saying into the app and it instantly estimates what was said and texts it into context for you. From notes, to reminders, to lectures, to emails, blog posts or status updates on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

How can it be used? Dragon Dictation can be used by all students, this app also incorporates the needs of students who have disabilities making it an easier way to take notes and slow it down for students who may struggle when taking notes in class. It also is a hands free option when on the move and don't have the time to write/type something down. Great for little reminders and notes that will make a students or teachers life much easier.


What is this? Quickoffice is a google app that allows you to open and access any Microsoft Office file and edit on the go for those last minute changes.

How can it be used? Quickoffice can be used by teachers and students whether it is for a presentation, assignment, or research paper everyone uses Microsoft Office in some way. This app allows you to pull up your work and edit it whenever you want. Last minute touches, or changes to a huge presentation without having to wait to get to a computer can be crucial.

Mobl 21

What is this? Mobl21 is a great mobile learning app that benefits students, teachers and institutions. It gives valuable information accessible to anyone at anytime. You have the option of collaborating with other users/groups or just on your own. Some of the few options that Mobl21 provides is: interactive media, study guides, flashcards, quizzes and personal learning tools! This one app connects multiple means of education that benefits people all over the world.

How can it be used? Mobl21 can be used by teachers and students it has many different uses, like previously stated you can use it to study with flashcards or take a quiz or just for your own personal learning. The tool is simple and easy to navigate through. Great tool for students who need to study and great tool for teachers to get ideas for their lesson plans. One example would be you have a Bio Unit exam coming up, this site allows for flashcards to either be made or already has some that you could also use!


What is this? TED is world connecting app. It connects all of the world's most powerful, influential, and fascinating people all by videos being recorded and posted to this application. Very interesting and topical conversations at your fingertips!

How can it be used? TED can be used by anyone! It allows for teachers and students to incorporate it into their everyday use. This is more an information app something that can be used in a "current events" unit for social or going over a topic in english for a paper. These riveting talks keep you up to date with what is going on in the world and the opinions of different people. It is a way for the world to connect and communicate without a face to face encounter.

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