Korean War

Dates: June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953.

Leader's: leader and Prime Minister: Kim ll-Sung. Chief commander was Choi Yong-Kun.

Countries Involved: Soviet Union,  People Republic of China supported North Korea. United States, Great Britain,  and United Nation supported South Korea.

Before The War: Peninsula was part of Japan. Before the war it was divided. North Korea and South Korea did not like each other.

North Korea Attacks South Korea: June 25, 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea. South Korea Amry fled and joins forces with United Nation's.

War: United Nation's was first on South Korea side, but than went against them with North Korea.

China In War: MacArthur pushed North Korea all the way to the northern border.  China did not like this, and went to the war too.

End Of The  Korean War: President Eisenhower ended the war. On July 17, 1953 a treaty was signed to end the war.

Died In War: About 2.5 million were killed or wounded during the war. About 40,000 U.S. soldiers and 2 million civilians died in the war.                                        

At the beginning, Korea Peninsula was part of Japan. But then they got divided into 2 parts. The North Side went under control of the Soviet Union. The South side went under control of the United States. They were divided at the 38th parallel. The 2 sides did not get along, and there were a lot of battles every now and then. On June 25, 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea. United Nations Forces were first on South Korea to defend,  but than ended up on North Korea side.  Somewhere along the war, China soon entered the war as well. Almost 3 years of the war, President Eisenhower decided to end it on July 17,1953. A treaty was signed to end the Korea war. Up to the present,  the countries are still divided.  And will be forever.

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