Joseph Nathaniel Williams

I have an unhealthy relationship with avocados.

An avocado in its natural habitat.

Seriously, though..

My Personality

According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, I'm an INTJ.  The "I" stands for "introverted," which means I work best by myself or in small groups of people whom I'm familiar with.  The "N" stands for "intuitive," which means that I have a tendency to look for deeper meanings when someone says something or acts a certain way.  The "T" stands for "thinking," which means that I rely on my cognitive processes rather than my emotions when I make decisions.  The "J" stands for "judgmental," and despite the connotation of the word, it simply means that I'm typically schedule-oriented when it comes to completing tasks.  

My Educational Pursuits

I intend to major in the humanities and teach on the collegiate level, while minoring in both religious studies and philosophy.  However, I am also considering biotechnology or biochemistry, because I understand that the biomedical industry has nascent job opportunities due to it being such a new and innovative industry.  


My father, Jeffrey Williams, works as an electronic technician at CB Electronics

My mother, Susan Williams, works as the switchboard operator / receptionist at Southeastern Community College.

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