I saw the show at GAMM Theatre in Pawtucket, RI. I saw the show 9/26. The title of show is called Grounded. That even though fighter pilots are fighting from the ground and not at flying. They can suffer from PTSD.

The character of the pilot played by Liz Hayes seemed like such a believable character. In fact she seemed like many people I know. Due to the fact it was an one woman show, you never saw her character act with any other character but the way that she talked about "Eric" and Her daughter made it so believable. She constantly stayed in character. Her volume was great. She was loud when she was mocking people but her voice sounded like honey when she talked about Eric and her daughter. Her tone and volume just seemed so natural. Their gestures stayed true to the character. Whenever she was talking to her superior her arms were behind her back. When she was frustrated she ran her hands through her hair. She was interesting to watch just the way that even though she was the only person on set. She wasn't afraid to use the set and move. Plus her character was really interesting.

It was a very minimal set. The only set was a couch type of thing which served as where she did the drone. This actually worked at very well. The only prop was a screen which showed images such as her daughter and what she sees when she's at drone duty. The lights provided the perfect mood. They got dark when she was on drone duty. Which could show how much she hated it. Also if you looked to the sides it looked like the outline of a jail cell. I don't know if that was intentional or not but it just showed how she felt like this was a jail sentence. The costumes were accurate. It was a typical army uniform and her hair was up in a bun. The make-up was accurate because it was very mimal.

In all it was a very good show.