ESSAY  #trevizoEYO5

If you do good, good will come to you. Having more good people in the world has its benefits and its negative impacts. Benefits being that it would sustain conflicts, end wars and wouldn't have to worry about endangered people. But in the result of that people would lose there jobs and would have nothing to do that being there profession is to protect people.

However , having more good people in this world would help gain some kind of trust. People wouldn't need to worry about if there house, car, personal information  ect. will  be exposed and or stolen at any moment. Our teen rape percentage will go down, animal abuse and abandonment's will disappear, the list of bad things that are going on in this world can go on and on but the thought of those many problems completely disappearing leave you to question what will happen to our U.S. Army , police departments , government, border patrol etc. Although it would be nice to have more good people in the world you also have to think about what is best for everyone else as well.

In that case, the decision of whether to want more good people in this world can go both ways so you cant really choose a side , but in my opinion i believe it would be nice i mean we wont have to worry about polluted oceans, any gang related issues occurring, no conflicts between country's. I mean i don't think all  those people would completely lose there jobs. I am sure we can find something for them to do . I think it could actually help the world we would have more people to build more homes for people with no homes, help in farming to produce more food, help clean up more city's make every place a place to want to visit.

So in conclusion, the thought of having  more good people in the world makes me wonder what it will actually be like to experience having good in this world, Maybe in the future, but as if right now i don't see this world changing one bit, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but i think everyone needs a little change in there life.