The Civil War
New Technology

American Civil War: The First Modern War

The American Civil War is often called the first "modern" war. Why? Well it is really quite simple. There were many new inventions that helped in both the fighting and recording of the war.

There were many "firsts" brought about by the advances made during this time period, for example:

  • The first battle between ironclad warships . This battle immediately made all naval forces around the world obsolete.
  • The first mass transport of land forces by railroad.
  • The first use of aircraft -balloons- in war.
  • The first naval aircraft carrier .
  • The first submarine to successfully sink an enemy ship.
  • The first widespread, effective use of rifles in battle.
  • The first use of machine guns in battle.
  • Many interesting plans and proposals never saw the light of day because no one knew how they would be used if they were ever made. Some others were made but never widely used -some for good reason!

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