Come to Mesopotamia

Homes Available


      You would be located in babylon home to the babylonians.There right next to the tigris and euphrates rivers that dump into the persian gulf.Mesopotamia is located between the mediterranean sea and the persian gulf.


       the advantages of living in babylon are,that you always have a stable food supply thanks to the plow,ahhhhh i forgot that you didn't know that the sumerians invented the plow.The babylonians also live next to the euphrates river so you won't ever run out of water.

       Also another advantage is that the code of Hammurabi it could protect you or harm ,depending on what crime you did or didn't do.An example is If a son strike his father, his hands shall be cut off.Or this one for example ,If a man knock out the teeth of his equal, his teeth shall be knocked out.   

      the king and the priest can pray to the gods in the ziggurat and the lesser call such as the farmers of the slaves could not pray to the gods.Babylonians believed in many god and thats called Polytheism(the belief in many gods). So if your a priest come on down and meet our gods.   


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