Life on a Plantation

Life of a plantation owner

Slave Houses for sale

This Original log cabin was built in the 1700s by Native Americans and is located nine miles south east of Tuscumbia, near Spring Vally. "The Oaks Plantation," presumedly given the name since there was an abundance of oak trees on the land, is also known as the Abraham Ricks house. Abraham Ricks purchased the property consisting of 10,000 acres in 1808 and moved with his family from Fairfax, N.C. about 1822. The family lived in the cabin during the seven years of contruction of the plantation, which was operated with 300 slaves.

Plantation for sale

The building structure dates ca. 1848. Built by Armstead Barton. Two story frame, wood sides. Small one story entrance porch on front and northeast side. In 1916 alterations and additions made. This plantation is better known as Barton Hall, an antebellum plantation house built in the 1840s near present day Cherokee, Alabama. The home is located south of US 72 and east of the Natchez Trace Parkway, in the former town of Buzzard Roost.

Jobs on a Plantation

  • harvested cotton
  • cooked food    
  • harvested rice
  • harvested tobacco
  • harvested indigo
  • did other chores that needed to be done                                

Slave religion
free time

Tweets from a slave

Slave punishments

                                  WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART

Slaves would be punished for not doing, or showing up to work and eating sugar cane.

Their punishments would be:

  • cart whipping
  • beating with a stick
  • possible breaking of bones
  • the chain (I don't even want to know what that is...!!)
  • a crook around the neck and a ring around the ankle
  • confindment in a dungeon
  • slitting of ears
  • breaking of limbs, so they have to be amputated
  • beating their eyes out, and
  • castration (if you don't know what that is, look it up)

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