Julita Word

UTA Essay


                 When I got to UTA all that I could think about was( wow...this school is huge), at first I thought that the school was a mall strip. When I entered the school I have to admit it was pretty sick{cool} especially with the TV's, plus... it was HUGE.                                           The part of the trip that I really liked was that we got to talk to some of the college students and see how everything really works.After seeing some of the students it lets me know what I have to expect when I go to college.The other part of the trip that I really liked was the science show when some of the grandaunts showed us some cool things you can do with chemicals and fire, and of course we couldn't try any of the tricks at home that was the buzz kill.                                                                                                                                My least favorite part of the trip was not being able to take a tour of the campus, I really wanted to see some of the study halls. The other part I didn't like is sitting on the ground for a really long time, I would have liked to do more actives.                                  I think I will consider going to UTA because it seems like a really good school, but I still want to try and find a college in Miami,Florida because I really want to go to college and I really want to live in Florida.


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