This is a picture of me and my best friends. They all live in Erie and go to Collegiate Academy. Even though I moved at the beginning of the summer, we all still hang out all the time and keep in touch through social media.

Three things about me


I LOVE cats! I have a kitten, (the one pictured above), he's about a year and a half and his name is Nightmare. I've always been more of a cat person than a dog person.


Instagram is my favorite social media app. I probably check my Instagram more than 15 times a day. I try to post at least one picture a week.

Kit Kats

Kit Kats are my favorite candy! My love for Kit Kats is insane, I'm obsessed! I got so many Kit Kats for my birthday and Christmas. Kit Kats are probably the only chocolate candy I'll eat.

My Goals...

I have many goals that I would like to accomplish...

Goal 1: To get better grades. I will achieve my goal by studying more to get better test grades and paying more attention in all my classes.

Goal 2: To travel. I will achieve my goal by saving up money into a bank account. When I get enough money, I will get my passport and start traveling around the world.

Goal 3: To have a more positive attitude. I will achieve my goal by staying out of drama and staying away from things that are negative.

I would love to go to...

I would love to go to Germany. Many family members of mine are from Germany. It would be nice to learn about my family heritage and get to see all of the historic places.

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