52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 50/Album 50

Who: The Blackout Pact - "Hello Sailor" and Sleeperhorse - "7'' split

When:  2005-08

Why: Denver, thats why.  I was living with my cousin and his friend, and was playing in a new band  with some old and new friends when I came across a band from Denver called "The Blackout Pact".  I saw an article in a magazine about them with a picture of 6 guys that looked like they were a good time. Little did I know that it would change my life.

(Editors Note:  "Hello Sailor" was never made on Vinyl, so all I have is the CD)

They drank.... and we joined them.

The Blackout Pact was an amazing band. They had a raw, contagious energy in their songs. Their vocalist, Mike, had a raspy growling voice that was like butter.  As musicians they were all great and their personalities showed through in how they played.  "Hello Sailor" had just the right amount of everything on it.  Sing-alongs, quick and inventive drum beats, ripping guitars (dont forget Joeys finger tap-taps) and just plain charisma. They were lightning in a bottle.  I knew nothing about them as people, but wanted to learn.  After hearing stories over the years of how The Blackout Pact and "Hello Sailor" came about, its amazing that it was made at all, and that these guys survived. Its a great punk rock record from start to finish.

In 2005 I was playing some punk music, and it was so much fun.  We were playing all the time, and one of the shows in Akron we ended up playing with the Blackout Pact.  They were on tour, so I offered them a place to crash.  They ended up crashing over every time they came through Cleveland, and we always had a great time. I became close friends with the band, and would keep in touch with them over the next year and some. When The Blackout Pact abruptly ended, and my band had run its course, Mike and I had chatted about starting a new project, and a couple weeks later I found myself packed in my car (Drums included) heading to Colorado to start a band with a guy I barely knew.

Upon arriving in Denver, the first night out Mike took me to a bar to meet the rest of our new band. Thats when I met Matty and Josh, and thus began the story of SleeperHorse. We all got drunk, and that ended up being the theme of our band. We were the drunkest band in Denver for 2 years. We played a bunch of shows, did some touring, and made this 7'', which would be the first time I was ever on a vinyl record.  We did a split with a band from Cleveland (ironically). Then we recorded a full length record, and it was never released because my time in Denver ran its course, and we broke up.

Those years between living my cousin Josh and Geoff, playing songs in Novallos with those great guys, getting to know The Blackout Pact and becoming good friends with them, moving to Denver to meet some of the best people I have ever met in one of the best music scene's in the country, are some of the best years of my life.  Of course, there are some things I would do over, but all in all I am grateful for the times I had, and for the people I have met.  "Hello Sailor" and our 7'' represent those times for me.

---The Blackout Pact broke up in 2006, and then reformed in 2008 with a slightly new lineup for a couple shows before finally calling it quits for good in 2014.  SleeperHorse lived a short, full life ending in 2008, but we still do a show every 2 years so that we can bask in each others stink and tell inside jokes for a week.

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