Rocks by Meghana K 5th Period

The rock cycle

1. A Volcano Erupts and the lava solidifies. (igneous)

2.Weathering and Erosion happens,forming sediments.

3. The sediments are compacted,forming sedimentary rocks.

4. Heat and Pressure changes the rock. (Metamorphic)

5. Rock melts under heat and pressure, forming magma.

6. Repeat steps 1-6

Igneous Rock-Obsidian

Obsidian is formed from volcanoes exploding, the lava cools to form of obsidian. Obsidian look is very smooth,shiny, dark & parentheses volcanic glass. Obsidian is mostly found near Volcanoes and is used for a gemstone in jewelery and traditional surgical tools.

Sedimentary Rock- Shale

Shale is formed from compaction of sediments in the water. It is grey, breakable, and varies from black to a Dull red. It is found in water, mod, or Clay. it is used to form bricks,pottery, ceramics, and oil.

Metamorphic Rock- Marble

Marble Ranges in many light colors. It is formed when limestone and dolostone are heated up and squeezed together. It is also made of calcite and mica. It is usually found in Quarries. It is used for counter, tabletops, etc.


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