My 3,2,1 assignment:)

3 things i would like you to know about me !!

Number 3 : I've been the drums since the age of 12 and the piano since i was 3 years old !!

(I've been playing* :P )

That's(the grumpy)me:)

Number 2: I am in a gymnastics team as well as in a rope skipping team!

(we were spinning:P )
This photo was taken in Rimini by the way !

Number 1: I love Dan Brown and his a-w-e-s-o-m-e books !!

That's my fav:)

2 things i love<3

Number 2: This incredibly incredibly INCREDIBLY amazing band:


and number 1: these guys I would like to meet someday...

Finally,1 thing i would like to do in the future

Well,as all teenagers change their minds ridiculously often,so do I...I'm not pretty sure yet about what career would fit best for me but for now,i think that it would be forensic science !

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