UTA University

Star Langley


When I first arrived  on campus of UTA on 11/4/14 I was really exited to get to take a tour of UTA. My most favorite part about the trip was how they gave us a video to watch and let ask questions. It was especially cool that they started naming off things about the different majors that there was.

To my disappointment we didn't get to actually take the tour of the campus, because of the rain. I hope to get to maybe tour UTA next year.

I would love to go to UTA for my college experience, and learn about architecture and being an artists. If i'm lucky I might even want to try out engineering.

I recommend for next years tour is they reschedule, if its raining, the tour and actually get to tour UTA. even though its a big campus it would still be nice to look at the best college ever.

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