Do you require a camera for your dashboard?

Earlier just a feature of police cars, these days everybody is installing dashboard camera inside their vehicles. Naturally, awareness regarding them has spread these days with the dropping prices of these devices working as an added incentive. Today you can purchase HD camera varieties offering 1080 p resolution just like your top of the line digital cameras. A video camera continuously records both video and audio. Other names for these are in-car or digital video recorders (DVRs). It is interesting to note that these cams are installed rarely on the dash but mostly on the windshield of the car. Most of these days face forward but nowadays people are also showing interest in dual facing cameras both back and front.

How are these cameras different from your traditional varieties?

These offer auto stop, auto start features, as soon as it receives power, it will start operating and continue to do so until you remove that power source. It is possible through hardwiring the device or using power cigarette lighter adapter. Cycle function/continuous looping are another feature associated with these cameras, which you will not find in your traditional video optical devices. These delete old files while continue to record new footage once its memory card is filled.

So, do you really require a dashcam? Here are some compelling reasons to do so!

• Evidence when accidents occur: when you find yourself in a situation that requires video evidence like in case of accidents you will get it through the camera on your dashboard. This way, no party will be able to change the story before the law enforcers. If you are the victim, you will now be able to defend yourselves successfully with the camera keeping a record of everything.

• Keep tab on your vehicle during parking: parking modes are available with some camera models when the vehicle remains parked. Have irrefutable evidence in case of vehicle theft. However, for this to work it is important to hardwire the camera into the vehicle and benefit from this feature.

• No chance of insurance fraud anymore- now it is no longer possible as the insurer will go through the video to determine the truth. Also, unscrupulous people will no longer be able to blame you for the accident and exhort money from you because the video recording will show clearly who the guilty party is.

• Misuse and abuse of vehicle: many times you may have to give your car keys to other people like a mechanic, valet, or even your friends and acquaintances. Video camera records everything and you will know how they have cared for your car, if there was any misuse you will be able to confront them with evidence.

• Bad driving reports: there are numerous bad drivers on the road as the numbers of vehicles keep on increasing almost every day. You can report instances of bad driving, road rage, or drunk driving, with effective video footage.

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