States of Matter

By: Sommer Morris

Physical Science: 2nd Grade States of Matter

S2P1. Students will investigate the properties of matter and changes that occur in objects. a. Identify the three common states of matter as solid, liquid, or gas.


state of matter (stāt): One of the four principal conditions in which matter exists—solid, liquid,gas, and plasma.

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1.  Can states of matter change from one state to another?

2.  Which kind of matter has its own shape?  A. Solid  B. Liquids  C. Gases  

3.  How are gases and liquids alike?

4.  Name 2 different types of liquids, solids, and gases.

5.  What is the definition of state of matter?

States of matter come in three different forms, these consist of solids, liquids, and gases.  Each form of matter each has significant traits that make up their specific properties that make each of them categorized as a solid, liquid or gas.

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