Important Dates:

May 8: MKB Mutual ADE
May 13: MKB night at the Ballpark in Arlington 6-9 pm
May 19: Family Picnic 6- 7:30
May 21: What's Cooking Cafe
May 22: Maverick Mini Me Day
May 25: Memorial Day
May 29: Field Day
June 4: Awards Assembly 8-10:30
June 5: Last day of school


Essential Questions:
What is human capital/labor?
-How can we explain the connection between human capital/labor and income?
-How can we describe the relationship between the availability or scarcity of resources?
-How does availability and scarcity impacts cost?
-What are the effects of planned and unplanned spending decisions?-How can we explain when credit is used?
-What is interest?
-Why should we save?
-What are the benefits of saving?
-How are decisions effected by income, spending, saving, credit, and charitable giving?

Language Arts:

Essential Questions:
How do we monitor what we are reading?
-How can we describe spelling with double consonants?
-How can we describe spelling with y as a vowel?
-How can we describe spelling with open syllables?
-How can we describe spelling in special situations?
-How can we describe spelling with silent consonants?
-How do we write a tongue twister?
-How can we describe a palindrome?
-How can we persuade someone through our writing?