European Exploration
Sir Cali Sta

My name is Sir Cali Sta. I will be walking you through all the reasons you would want to sponsor and come with me on the trip to America. This will show you travel routes and plans for the trip. I know what you are thinking. Why should I sponsor her? Well I know how to hunt and build shelters. I can make food with very little supplies. I have planned everything from when we leave to where we land.

When we travel to North America this is the route we will take to and through our exploration. We might explore a bit but, that is the general route. We will land in northern Canada travel south past the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi River. Then we will exit through the Gulf of Mexico.

This is what we are searching for. We will be on the look out for plenty of gold, lumber, and coal. The coal is for heating up homes back in France and the lumber is for constructing buildings everywhere.

Sailors/ explorers

We will need about eight times this many people. This is just an example of the type of men we need. Strong, well built, and not afraid of tight spaces. The ship will be shared with many other men so if you don't feel comfortable being around other people this might not be the trip for you.


This is where my crew and I plan on landing to begin our expedition. We plan to land somewhere in between these to countries. We hope that we will be able to dock here and not lose our ships to sea.


This is the country that I am coming from and the country that I will ask to sponsor me. I chose this country because then, if my  expedition is successful my home country will receive all of the fame.

These are some supplies that we will need to take with us. We will definitely need lots of food to survive. We also need to be prepared for any danger that comes our way so we need some spears to protect us.

These are our competing countries. Both of these countries are sending explorers to America along with a lot of supplies and wealthy sponsors. England and Spain are both going to try and take our expedition land and ideas.

These are some of the things that the other countries are searching for. Spices, iron, and plants They want iron for machinery, spices for food, and plants for medicine. We will

Louis XIV

This is the ruler of France in 1600 which is the time I plan to leave. This is the ruler that I will ask to sponsor me. I think that he will agree to send me off with some supplies and weapons.

Native American

If we meet any Native Indian then we will try to make peace with them. We don't won't to fight. We will offer up trades for food and other resources. Then they can give us directions to where the best resources are.

These are some of the dangers I expect us to encounter. We will be fully prepared for this. If a sickness swipes over us then I will be prepared to stop the expedition and wait for it to pass over. If we hit any storms then I will have the crew stop and get as low as possible.

Thank you and I hope you choose to sponsor me.

This is what it will sound like while sailing out at sea. There will be sounds of waves and seagulls everywhere.

This is what it will sound like when we are traveling through the woods.

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