The Past, the Present
& the Future

The use of technology has been around for many centuries and is constantly on the increase. Modern police services today use a wide range of technologies as they help assist police on the job. Technology is important as it has not only helped society progress, but it has also helped to shape into the ways of policing today.


The Past

One-way Radios

In 1928, the first one-way radio was introduced. The radio allowed for news regarding crimes to be transmitted from police headquarters to police vehicles. However, the radio link was not very consistently and broadcasts would often fade in and out as the police vehicle passed by large buildings or bridges. Communication from police vehicles to police stations also could not be made through the one-way radio. Finally, in 1933, two-way wireless radios were implemented into police vehicles. The two-way radio was a major advancement as it helped to save both time and money. Police communication was no longer made through telephone booths found in street corners.

The Present


Today, police cars are high-tech and powerful, but they were not always so. In 1899, the first police vehicle was created. It had a top speed of 16 miles per hour and had to be recharged every 30 miles. Police services soon began to see the need for a more modern police vehicle. Horse and bicycle patrol units in the police services also began to face difficulties keeping up with motorized vehicles driven by offenders. By 1932, police began to use V8 engines in police vehicles, which became very advantageous as the engine gave a lot of power to the vehicle. Rear-wheel drive vehicles soon also came into police use. This allowed for better weight balance and for easier control of the overall car. Police vehicles today are well equipped to handle a wide range of situations. Police vehicles carry two-way radios used for communication, video cameras and sound recorder to gather evidence, vehicle tracking systems to inform the officer of a stolen vehicle, etc.

Social Media

Everyone these days, are carrying a cellular device, so it makes sense to take advantage of it and use it to help criminals get off the streets. Officers are able to interact with the public more and made them more aware of things that could potential occur. One example of social media benefiting is when “Toronto Police Const. Scott Mills once stopped a mass shooting, after a teacher he met alerted him to a Facebook friend who “said he had a gun to kill all the Jews” and was heading to York University. Arrested quickly, he received a second gun-related conviction.” (ROBERTSON, 2014)

Making the public more aware of how they can help decrease crime
Image of Crime Mapping in Brampton and Mississauga

Crime Mapping

This new technology will allow to graphically portraying where a crime has happened and help predict in the future where certain crimes will occur. This will allow officer to be more prepared when they receive calls in certain locations. Especially when officers are patrolling certain areas, they’ll know which individual to look out for. Above is a image that is a map of Brampton and Mississauga. The public are able to see how much crime is happening in their neighborhood. For example the purple dots are vehicle thefts, black dots are mischief, grey dots are muggings and green is robbery. They also have details on each dots on when they occurred and a description of the incident.

The Future

Language Translator

This technology will come in handy when dealing with people who do not speak English. It is a handheld device that has speech recognition and will pick up on the language needed to understand. Language barrier is something many officers face especially Canada since we are a multicultural society.

Camera’s for K-9 Unit

This technology will allow canines to enter certain areas that officers are not able to enter; it will give them a clear image of what the dog is seeing. Also, it is equipped with a two way radio which would allow the officer to give commands to the canine. This technology would come in handy during a search and rescue. Below is a video of, Durham officers promoting K-9 cameras and the benefits of it.

Mind Reading Helmet

Technology is always revolving; many of us are become more experienced with it including those that commit crimes. Criminals are learning to cheat lie detector and most of the times they’re not 100%. This new technology will stop criminals from lying since it will monitor certain brain activity during questioning.

Mind reading helmet will detect a criminal's lies when being questioned

Smartphone App

Many individuals prefer to text than call, with an app that allows individuals to submit a photo, location and detailed description of crime that is occurring. An app called Suspicious Activity Reporting Application. This technology would help keep track more than calling since some individuals prefer not to do anything since they need to talk to someone about it and feel uncomfortable.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

This new technology would come in handy when an officer is parked on the road and watching speeding drivers. This technology enables officers to be able to check many cars at once to determine if the vehicle is stolen, registered owners are wanted or even if there is restriction on the driver’s license. ALPR is a camera database technology that takes images and either visually or verbally lets the officer know the results.Below is an image of a license that was taken, it shows, an image of the driver and any convictions they might have.

Dragon Skin Armor

Dragon Skin Armor is a material technology which offers great protection to those that wear them, better than the current ones officers wear today. It is made of layers of fabric that are lightweight ballistic, shared with high strength of ceramic resistant composites. With these types of material you would think it be uncomfortable to wear especially for a long period of time but this armor is light weight, flexible and form fitting. This technology will give a huge advantage to law enforcement, it will protect them against mass ammunition.