Mobile Apps for K-12

Handy Mobile apps to use in a classroom

Mobile apps can be very useful in the classrooms of today however they must be appropriate apps for your students as well as they should be easy to use for everyone. Listed below is a couple of apps that can be useful in the classroom.


Audioboo is a website that allows its users to post and share sound files. This would be a great asset in the classroom because students would be able to make mini podcasts about the subject area that can later be used for studying. Not only that but students can use it to make presentations to the class if they are too shy to stand up in front of the class. Audioboo can also be used to broadcast news and possibly lecture material if recorded.


Babbel is a language tool that uses interactive education methods to improve your desired language skills. This would be a beneficial app to use in any second language class because it would allow the student to move at his or her own pace while improving their vocabulary, grammar and punctuation in the given language.

Algebra Tutor

Algebra Tutor is a mobile app that helps practice and learn pre algebra and algebra topics. This is an amazing app to use in the classroom because it has a large variety of concepts available. It would allow students extra practice with concepts that they do not fully grasp while other students would be able to move on to more challenging concepts.


Quizlet is a study aid, it contains a large database of flash cards in various subjects in various languages. This is an asset to students because it gives then another way to study, and its all at the tip of your fingertips.


Evernote is an app that allows you to remember everything across all of the devices that you use, it allows the student to stay organized and never have to search where they had written their notes. This would be a great asset for students that use multiple devices such as laptops, ipad and cell phones.  It not only allows you to take notes but capture photos, create to-do lists and record voice reminders.  

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