Creating Curves for Rectangles When Choosing Ladies Day Dresses

When choosing suitable ladies day dresses, every one has different taste. For rectangles shape, the vital factor is to create curves. That is to say that the dresses should make an illusion of beautiful curves at the same time highlight your slender neck and body figure. If you have no idea which to choose, read the following tips.

This body type is all about creating curves, so light and bright colors are welcomed because they naturally make your body look bigger because they reflect the light. Dark hues work as well, and will outline your silhouette, but they will slim you down instead of providing the illusion of curves.

Prints and patterns also create the same effect as light/bright colors, so give your rectangle shape a curvier appearance and feel free to wear them big and bold. Rectangle shapes can actually handle bold prints and patterns the best because they don't have curves to break up the silhouette.

Form-Fitting Fabrics

Boxy, heavy fabrics like wool, leather and chunky knits don't do much for a rectangle body shape because they don't hug the body, so the boyish appearance still remains. By contrast, stretchy fabrics like matte jersey, spandex and cotton, as well as clingy ones like satin and silk, skim the body and outline the curves. Since rectangles need to create the illusion of a waistline and curvy hips, rear and thighs, the tighter the fabric the better, because it tricks the eye.

Accessories That Flatter Rectangle Shapes
Belts help to create the illusion of a defined waist, and they can be worn directly on the waist, slightly above or low-slung on the hips to add needed mass and bulk to an otherwise boxy figure. Chunky necklaces add bulk to the small bust, while long earrings open up the neckline. As a rectangle shape, your shoe options are limitless because heels of all heights look great and flats are quite flattering as well. Even heels that cut off at the ankles ca be flattering because of your slim leg and ankle area.

You can have a try on fabrics, dress colors, types and compare which one is more beautiful and comfortable. If it is right dress, it can make you fresh and flattering. Hoping the above fashion tips can give you a little help and if you want to have a big selection without too many times, you are suggested eDressit. Printed party dresses, affordable bridesmaid dresses, formal party dresses, casual day dresses are all available in diverse designs and custom service. Dress to impress your friends.