This is the skyline of Chicago Illinois .

This is best park in Chicago. If you go you will feel like you are at home because it is quite.  

This a map of Chicago all the places in Chicago.

This is a map of all hotel in Chicago and restaurant.

This is the list of information about Chicago.

  • 237 square miles of land
  • An estimated 2.7M residents
  • More than 200 theaters
  • Nearly 200 art galleries
  • More than 4,700 restaurants
  • 77 community areas containing more than 100 neighborhoods
  • 26 miles of lakefront
  • 36 annual parades
  • 19 miles of lakefront bicycle paths
  • 552 parks
  • United States President Barack Obama



Let the Chicago skyline greet you each morning and bid you goodnight!  Chicago, full of history, entertainment, great food and fantastic accommodations!!  Don't be left out, see you in Chicago!