Dove: Campaign For Real Beauty

Why was this launched?

This campaign was launched to prove woman's true/natural beauty is more important than fake beauty influenced by the beauty industry. Showing the "behind the scenes" of the beauty industry influences woman and girls to gain confidence and to prove that they are more beautiful than they think.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

This video shows girls and woman to not view themselves so negatively. Dove is trying to make more woman positive and to love the way they look. In the video, people view themselves more negatively than others view them. Dove is trying to help woman and girls believe they are more beautiful than they actually think.

Dove Evolution

This video shows the down side of the beauty industry. Many woman see imagines such as the one shown above and thrive to be "as beautiful" as her. But, the woman in the video is not natural beauty. Showing how people edit their pictures is changing the ways woman view the beauty industry.

Dove Print Ad

Using all natural, confident woman in a bikini showing that people are more beautiful than they think shows how Dove is using media in groundbreaking ways.

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