Lesson from Tsunami
Yajirobay#7 @Kesennuma&Rikuzentakata

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3.11 @Akita

3.11 had a big impact on Japan. In Akita as well, earthquake shut down the lifeline. The picture is the convenience store in Goshono just 3 hours after the earthquake. We could not buy anything, lost water and gas. Students in AIU came together in cafeteria, and corrected food from all of campus.

We melted snow to get water.

30 hours later...

Getting back the electric, and we were surprised at the reality. On TV, we found the right side of Japan was almost collapsed by earthquake and tsunami. Spontaneously, students started to talk what we could do for them. It was the beginning of AIU SUPPORTER. Since then, we went to Tsunami area once a week for volunteer activity. Not only students, but also ALTs started correcting money, and sent fruits to the area.

3 years later...

With the hard work and many support from the world, tsunami area has been recovered a lot. At the same time, there are many problems exists. What is the reality? What can we learn from the disaster? I have got a contact from people from the area who are happy to share their story.


Date:15th of Nov (Mon)

06:30AM meet@Akita city office
07:00AM meet@the bust stop of AIU
11:30AM arrive @Kesennuma

We will meet with local people, and go around Tsunami area.

07:00PM arrive@AIU

07:30PM arrive@Akita city office


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