fereky fido

by Kylie Denies Valdez

'we have to keep this a secret' whoa hold on hi i'm Stan i'm white with black and 'brown spots my eye has a big brown spot on my eye.and these are my family members Avery, Tyler coley Avery is very smart Tyler well he is dumb coley she looks like a a walking straw berry cute what i like poodles, bacon ,stake poodles, bacon licking between Avery's tows that's all about me. they just found out my secert opps

aright the beginning of the story lets start now.

ruff ruff Stan said Avery knew Stan was hungry she got his bowl filled it with food sprayed it with bacon spray Stan's favorite bacon just then Avery's annoying big brother came in he said 'Avery dude I need forty bucks sacked'' ''No but why do you need forty dollars'' '' because I need a new BM bike'' '' no then Tyler ''

they got in a huge fight but Stan on the other hand wanted that food he dident want to give his secret away but '' i'm drooling a pool over here !!!'' Avery and Tyler looked over to Stan '' did you just talk '' '' no i mean woof ''

chapter two secret time shh

now here we are well they brout me in to Avery,

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