Apollo God of Music/Arts

By Jack Roberts and Nick Kuharski

  • Apollo is the God of many things.Such as music, art, medicine, and the sun.
  • Apollo is the improvement of an Anatolian god, Anatolia.
  • Apollo had a son named Asclepius who was also a healer.
  • He is the healer of all.
  • If Apollo's people would make him angry and wouldn't pray to him he would send a disease or plague until the high priests praised him and worshipped him more often.
  • Apollo can also bring plagues and illness with his bow and arrows.
  • He became the patron protector of herds and flocks.
  • Hermes created a lyre for him to play.
  • Apollo's name means "To destroy"
  • Apollo has many symbols which are: A lyre, navel stone, laurel tree, and the tripod.
  • There were many temples built for Apollo in Greece, they showed the evolution of Greek architecture.
  • Apollo's main female lover was Daphne who was a nymph, daughter of the river god, Potamoi.
  • Navel stone marks the center of the world according to Greek mythology.

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