Kicking Off BAS in Kindergarten

Kinder teachers won't be testing until October, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be preparing students in September for success. During the fall of 2013, there were several schools  in CCISD who saw positive outcomes when they focused their efforts on supporting student success with BAS in September and October leading up to the BAS testing window.

Questions to discuss and ponder....

As a team, please discuss the following questions together. Grade chair, please post the answers below in the comment stream. 1 hour of PL credit will be awarded each member of the team. Please sign in and return the list to your instructional coach.

  • What skills do kindergartners need to have in order to be successful on level A & B books?
  • What kinds of errors did below level readers make on BAS that kept them from successfully reading an A or B?
  • What can we do to develop those skills in students during our whole group teaching (shared reading, interactive writing, writing workshop, word study)?
  • What can we do to develop those skills in work students are doing in stations?
  • What kind of small group work can we design for students before the BAS testing window to support the development of those skills?

Ways We Can Support Kinder Students to Prepare for BAS

What has worked for others in CCISD?

  • Be more intentional; study what kids need at level A and be intentional
  • Action plans - intentional with stations, making own big books, starting next week, teachers should start introducing stations one day at a time; after two stations have been introduced (day 3), you could pull a small group for targeted support for 5-10 minutes
  • Intentional on high frequency words
  • Started literacy stations early that were highly supported on what they needed to practice
  • By late September/early October, stations should be up and going so that teacher can walk away for 10-15 minutes to pull a small group..go back out, redirect, go back out, redirect
  • What activities will support students before the BAS window begins?

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Comment Stream

3 years ago

Please answer the questions as a team here.

3 years ago

1.Students need to know letters and sounds have directionality, one to one and know that words go with pictures.
2.Students don't notice the pattern and don't notice the beginning sound/letter.
3. Model, Model, Model
4. Sight word practice, big book station, and lots of varied phonemic awareness stations.
5. Review whole group lessons in a small group setting.

3 years ago

Awesome start to this work team! I look forward to seeing small group lessons in your classrooms supporting students to be successful on BAS. If you need any supplies to facilitate these activities and extra support, please let me know. Debbie Walton will be coming in your rooms starting next week first thing in the morning for some added assistance.