Gymnastics camp

Raegan Moore

In July I went to Bart Conner's gymnastics camp. It was in Norman, Oklahoma. I went with my two gymnastics friends, Brynn and Jordyn. Brynn's mom drove us there. There were other girls that went but they were in another car. We stayed together for a while. We went to subway to eat then we kinda split up on accident. On the highway we had to get through people to stay together so we didn't get lost, that would be bad. When we got in Oklahoma we were supposed to go to a waterpark but it rained when we were on our way there so it was too cold.

They had a play place where you could play dodge ball. They also had a cube pit when you could do a trick into it. We got to spend about an hour and a half there. It was fun while it lasted. Then we were on our way to Norman. When we arrived Norman we went to our hotel to put our bags and other things in our rooms. We didn't go to gymnastics camp until the next day. So we spent close to 3 hours at the hotel and messed around. We drove to a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse. It was good! I had chicken strips and a baked potato.

When we went back to the hotel for the night we messed around again. When everyone was asleep, Brynn, Jordyn, Brynn's mom, and I just stayed up and Jordyn and Brynn and I did flexibility! We got bored. It was about 11:00 and we HAD to go to bed so we got in bed and started talking. Then we got really tired just talking so we tried to settle down and go to sleep. The next day we got to go to Camp!

When we first got the we say down on the bouncy floor. The employees and other people there introduced them selfs. When we were working on different events, we got to see Bart Conner! He was so nice! Bart Conner is a famous gymnast. He helped us on bars for all 3 days of camp. All of the employees were really cool and nice. All of them have experienced gymnastics. Most of them were collage gymnasts. When the 1st session was over we had 1hour to eat and rest, then we had to come back to the camp and have another session.

Both of the sessions we pretty much the same for the three days. The second day was like the first, we did runs, then we got in groups from the first day. I loved the second day because we did vault! Then we got a rest and we got to eat. Then we went back to camp and started the second session like the first day. The third day, I lived it because we did floor! Floor is my favorite event! When camp was over we got our stuff from our hotel and headed home. I hope I get to do it next year.

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