Rube Goldberg Machine

Jason Sinning, Saad Badat, Vincent Carbone

Entry 1

I decided to create a Rube Goldberg Machine for my twenty percent project.I chose this project because it is a fun and active project. It uses a lot of thinking skills to move the object where you want it to go and how you want it to get there. I get to work with my friends on this project which makes it fun.

What I want to learn from this project is advancement in mechanics. This could help me learn more about how things work and how they move.

Rube Goldberg Machines could help make a career out of engineering. They show how some mechanical engineering works. It shows chain reactions which can be used.

Entry 2

The simple task at the end of our Rube Goldberg machine is going to be mentos falling into a two liter coke bottle and then all the soda will explode out of the bottle. Today Vincent brought in a roll of duck tape.   

Entry 3

The information I learned to help complete my project was by watching different YouTube videos. I also got ideas from the internet to help me figure out what should I have done with my Rube Goldberg machine.

Entry 4

What I did was make a drawing of a Rube Goldberg Machine, I also figured out a way to put the Mentos in the coke.

The car pulls the block which releases the ball. Then the ball goes down the ramp, into the cup. The ball then hits the lever making another ball go up, hitting a button on the car which makes it go forward and knock the Mentos into the coke.

The questions I answered were like. How am I going to put the Mentos into the Coke? Also how am I going to use the pulley?

Entry 5

Today we started building our machine. There were many challenges. We didn't have all the materials that we needed though today. We did face some challenges of getting some parts to work.

Entry 6

Today the machine we used was a pulley.  We also used a lever to shoot a golf ball in the air. We will work on the machine more and keep updated.

Entry 7

Today we got our first two stages done. We had most of the materials that we needed. It was a very complicated process.

Entry 8

Today we got our first three stages done. It took a while to get through them. It was a very complicated process but we were able to get it done.

Entry 9

Today we decided to get rid of one part of the machine which was the lever. We are going to replace it but we don't know with what.

Entry 10

Today we changed a lot of our machine. We got rid of some stuff. We are still in the fixing phase. We will have more updates troughout our entries.

Entry 11

Today we were not able to do much with the limited amount of materials that we had. We couldn't really get anywhere. There is still a lot of work to get done.

Entry 12

Today we got part of our new stage done. We used a pulley and two cups. The baseball will fall into the cup and the cup will fall down. That is all we have so far. We will work on more next week.

Entry 13

Today we tested most of our phases. We got the pulley and string to work along with the baseball rolling into the cups. We are still coming up with ideas for our next stages. We are going to use a moving car to to do something else but we don't know what it should do yet. We will keep you updated.

Entry 14 - 15

Today we decided to change things up. We replaced the car that moves when the button on it gets pressed with the remote controlled car and when a string pushes the joystick forward the car will move forward. This will probably finish off the rest of our machine. We will probably finish soon.

Entry 16

Today we were able to make are new idea partially work. We started on it and we are now modifying it. We had a problem with the amount of weight to use to pull the joystick to make the car move. Then we will be able to finish our machine.

Entry 17

Today we were able to finish and present our machine. It all worked but when we did the ending it was pretty disappointing. It didn't explode, it just fizzed a little bit. But it still worked.

Entry 18

Our project did turn out  as I expected. I expected it to be a lot more. But it wasn't because of all the changes that we made that were smaller than the original plans. Honestly I didn't learn too much. I did learn a bit about mechanical engineering like how things move and how they move with different objects involved. This project didn't really want me to pursue this subject much more. It was a very complicated process that took a long time and I didn't really like it. But I still liked this project because I got to work with my friends which made it more of a fun project to do.

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Great job! I can't wait to see it work!

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This looks cool and I bet you will make it awesome when you get it complete

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Hi, Jason! I enjoyed reading your entries and like your ideas!

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Wow 😱