Dress Up for Pregnancy with Fertile Mind Maternity Wear

Having a baby implies doubling of things. A pregnant woman has to eat for two people and dress up too for two people. In the initial few months though it isn't the situation but later on it does turn out to be a worry. There are a whole lot of things that a lady needs to make-up her mind to come to terms with. Being pregnant brings in a lot of physical and emotional modifications in a woman and often for the period of this phase women tend to lose confidence and not finding right kind of clothing can magnify this further.

Most of the females opt for loose-fitting and old-fashioned outfits to be dressed in during pregnancy and confine themselves to the four walls of their residences just because they fail to find stylish maternity dresses around. This was the thing of the past. Today a variety of brands have come up with maternity wear to cater to the needs of the pregnant ladies. No more wearing unfashionably tailored outfits and confining yourself to the boundaries of your home.

Here are a couple of guidelines that will help you in looking stylish during your pregnancy:

1. Find outfits from your wardrobe

Being pregnant doesn't imply that you have to discard outfits from your wardrobe. These clothes will fit you fine until the 5th month of your pregnancy. The baby bump begins to show only after that. And after that too you don't need to toss them away. Just keep them in reserve until a few months time and you shall be fit yet again to get into those.

2. A-Line Fit

Make friends with the A-line fit for tops as well as maternity maxi dress. This fit enables you to hide the baby bump completely. It has seams under the breast from where it flows freely. It is one of the best picks during pregnancy. You can wear it until you lose your post delivery weight. It is a perfect way to conceal your paunch.

3. Lycra

It is important to understand the material that you are buying. A fabric with elasticity and stretch is what you should be selecting and nothing can be better than Lycra. It fits every body shape perfectly and enhances the shape by tugging at the right places.

4. Stripes

Get used to wearing stripes. They make you look slimmer than your normal size. Be cautious while buying striped tops and dresses. Vertical stripes make you appear slimmer whereas horizontal stripes end up making you look heavier. So go for vertical stripes.

5. Small Prints

If you are obsessed by prints then we would propose you to wear small prints as bigger prints make you look huger than your real size. Small prints will give you a slimmer look.

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