Ramiz's budget

I am a police officer and I earn $30,211 dollars a year.

Monthly Earnings

I divided my yearly income by 12(because there is 12 months in a year) and got $2,939.95 as my monthly income.

How much am I going to save?

I save $1,764 every 6 months and $3,528 when I divided by 12 and 6.

My home

I chose the studio so I could save money to buy things I need.

My viehicle

I chose The Kawasaki motorcycle so I can Save money.

My budget

In all I spent $1701 for savings,house,utilities,car payments,groceries,clothing,entertainment,health insurance,phone,and fun$.

Grocery list

Breakfast,fruits,vegitibles,lunch,bread,water,meat,chicken,ham,cheese,chips(if needed),deli,canned food,juice,cookies(if needed),desert(if needed),tea,coffee,tisue,paper towl/toilet paper,dairy,salt,sugar,tooth paste,vegitible oil.


I learned how to use taxes and how to budget.I also learned how the real world is.