Country: Djibouti
Continent: Africa


Ayanna Thomas

The water sourcing and supply in Djibouti is in crisis.  Only a minority of households in Djibouti have networked water.  Water supply is intermittent.  Often less than two hours a day and five hours per day at best.  Prices are relatively high . Also, the amount of people that need the water is a big problem.

The state water company needs major reform. Due to a review of sourcing, consideration will be given to a part of the company into sourcing, filtering, and distribution. Rural and urban water supply investments are needed for human consumption and developments in agriculture.

51.3 percent of people in Djibouti DON'T from water scarcity.  

In order to fix this problem, there would need to be a lot of money. There is really no amount known.

To help I could use water wisely, avoid disposing of things in the wrong ways, such as pouring medicine down a drain , and donate water to places in need.