A deadly drug
Nalleli Martinez

1.Ketamine,technical name is (I)-2-(o-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino... Cyclohexanone hydrochbride. Some street names Street-k, Special k, Vitamin k, K-land.

2. A crystal and liquid like substances

3.Ketamine is a disassociative anaesthetic that has a combination of stimulant depressant,hallucinogenic and analgesic properties.Ketamine is generally sold as either a colorless,odorless liquid or as an off-white powder.In the US,ketamine was made illegal as a schedule III drug in 1999.

4.Hallucinogen-A drug that causes hallucinations.

5.From Asia,China,and India,also they are commonly stolen from veterinary clinics.They are underground chemicals.

6.It's used to treat certain types of depression or magarine headaches.

7.yes.Addictive-A substance added to something in small quantities,typically to improve or preserve it.Yes.The ability or willingness to tolerate something,in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

8.Injected,consumed in drinks,snorted,or added to joints or cigarettes,

9.Increased heart rate and blood pressure,nausea,vomiting,numbness,depression,amnesia,hallucinations.And potentially fatal respiratory problem.

10.Depression,irrational fears,panic attacks,lack of motivation,insomnia.

11.Individual therapy,group therapy,family therapy,12-step education,relapse-prevention instruction,cognitive behavioral therapy,dialectical behavioral therapy.

Remember to:

Keep Calm And Stay Away From Ketamine :)

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