A Animal Cell is Like a Mall

The mall scanners are like the Cell Membrane they control what goes in and

The shops are like the Cytoplasm they are what fill up the mall empty spaces.

The information stand is like the Nucleus and holds information for the mall

The Mitochondria is like the food court it provides energy to its

The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the shoppers of the mall

The Golgi Apparatus is like the shops inventory because it receives the newly made lipids.

The Lysosomes are like the janitors closet they are the tools that do the job of the mall they clean up the worn out cells and food particles.

The Peroxisomes are like the janitors they help break down poisonous gases how the janitors break down big messes.

The Flagella/Cilia are like a malls elevator/escalator because they help with motion for the shoppers.

The Centrioles are like the parking garages because it separates the car by gates.

The Ribosomes are like a candy store because they make candy like how ribosome  make proteins.

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